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May Mok - Director

May Mok is a certified Image Consultant from First Impressions UK, a leading international Image Consultancy. She is the Director and founder of M2 Image Consulting. She provides one on one coaching to individuals and runs corporate seminars and workshops in the skills of impressions management. Her focus is to help people project an appropriate and professional image, develop self -confidence and reinforce the corporate brand and values of an organization.

May takes a blended approach to image consulting, combining her HR Management and Consulting background with her commercial knowledge and interest in developing people. Her background spans a range of business sectors including banking, airlines, consulting and education. She has worked in Human Resource management (HRM), consulting and executive development roles. Her consulting project work has included management development initiatives and training with over 20 organizations in Asia. May is Canadian and has a Business degree from the University of British Columbia. She is a certified corporate coach with Corporate Coach U, MBTI accredited and licensed user of SHL assessment products. May worked in Hong Kong for 15 years and is now based in Shanghai, China.

Agnès Brown (MFIPI) – Associate Director

Agnès is a First Impressions Corporate Associate and a Master with the Federation of Image Professional International.

Agnès is French and has lived in the UK for the last 20 years. Her early career was in molecular biology and she trained in image consultancy skills in 2000, joined The Federation of Image Professional International in the same year and completed her IFIC/City & Guilds Joint Award in 2003.  Since then, Agnès has developed a highly successful image business and has grown enormously in terms of professional confidence and in stature as an image consultant and is respected by all her peers. 

After coming from a completely different background, Agnès has embraced image consulting with total passion and has inspired countless new consultants through her role as a Trainer for First Impressions and as a Mentor, as well as inspiring her established colleagues within the profession with her dedication, creativity and total belief in what she does. 

Agnès works in the private market as well as in the corporate market. She derives great satisfaction from feeling she has really made a difference to her clients.

Georgina Chung – Associate Consultant

Georgina is a certified consultant of First Impressions UK’s Professional Image Programme. Her specialisation is professional branding, organisational development, talent management, HR integration and operation set up.

Georgina has been in human resources since 1990. Her experience covers a full spectrum of HR areas including learning & development, organisational development, talent management, HR integration and operation set-up as well as HR project management.

She has worked for multinational and regional corporations such as Cathay Pacific, HSBC, Credit Suisse and DBS Bank in both Hong Kong and Singapore.

Associate Consultants

M2 Image Consulting has a network of Associate Consultants with professional expertise in other fields such as hairstyling, make-up and even voice coaching to support the overall development of a professional image and brand.

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